If you are reading this because you’re looking for an editor and writer with an inventive turn of mind (and phrase) and competitive rates, then it’s our lucky day.

I’ve worked for daily newspapers, the consumer and specialist press, and national radio as well as running my own media campaigns firm, helping organizations improve their communications and providing media training. Here’s an idea of what I could do for you.


TravelOne of my most recent investigations into exotic cuisines and cultures for Food & Travel took me to the Peruvian Amazon. Other destinations have included Cambodia, Hong Kong, Louisiana, Northern Italy and Brittany. But don’t worry. I do check my emails.

Business and designIn addition to contract publishing magazines such as TMI UK’s human resources magazine Tempus, I’ve also edited or contributed to publications and websites such as Blueprint and financeweek.co.uk  on subjects from computing to concept cars.

EditorialWhether you’re launching a website, creating marketing materials, planning a presentation or producing a magazine, you will need to get it right. I have helped create style bibles for the likes of Electrolux, edited handbooks and provided ghostwriting services.

European coverageIf your needs include international coverage I can provide this through my links with BondPR, which coordinates multi-country communications campaigns with a single contact, reporting and billing point. If you need a podcast or a video on your website, I can sort that out that too.

PromotionsI am working with companies that produce inventive, high-quality design such as Art Engineering and Richard Weston Studio to bring their products to the top end of the market.

Third sectorAs a media campaigner I have worked with a number of not-for-profit organizations and charities. One of the latest is Musequality, which funds music-based educational and social projects. Look out for wheretogethelp.com my new website offering practical help in times of trouble.

Brand Alchemy
Brand Alchemy

Brand Alchemy by Susanna Mitterer and Nick Brice, edited by Francis Pearce (Blackhall Publishing) explains how companies of any size can build brand relationship and values equity (BRAVE), the true measure of their value to customers. The book makes the link between values and behaviours and the ability to achieve aims such as maximising profitability, share value and efficiency. And it offers both practical advice and a means of measuring success based on a simple four-stage process.

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